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Firefly Holidays offers fresh options and high quality holiday experiences for the brightest sparks. We understand the high expectations of independent minded holidaymakers and feature the very best selection of holiday villages, family resorts and premium ski residences available to UK customers.

We’ve built on our successes as senior managers at Eurocamp, cottages.com and Wyndham Vacation Rentals (owners of James Villas and Hoseasons), and launched Firefly Holidays to provide something we felt was missing – consistently high quality holidays which meet modern expectations, at the best possible prices.

Our customers rate our service so highly that every single customer who has given us a review has said they would book again with us. You can’t beat 100% … but that won’t stop us trying! Read our Reviews

Higher quality and extras come as standard

Our customers get superior holidays at standard prices:

We choose only the best holiday destinations, based on positive customer experiences and where we know the quality of the resort and its management through long standing personal relationships. This is why our programme contains the highest quality resorts of any similar holiday company. And you’ll be helped by a team who personally know these destinations.

Premium Residence Les Terrasses d’Eos, Flaine, French Alps. Master Bedroom
Firefly Holidays Guadeloupe

Helping your money (and you) to go further

We’re always searching for new places for you to explore and fresh options for our customers all round. We’re really excited to be introducing more people to Croatia, Sicily, Canada and the Caribbean – with fantastic holidays on ordinary budgets.
We’re championing a smarter way to ski, providing fantastic value and great quality and facilities – allowing you to ski more and at times you thought you couldn’t afford.
And our European Holiday Villages Resorts offer the perfect holiday environments in relaxed, sociable settings and beautiful places!
Unlike some other operators, we don’t have a raft of properties we need to fill because we’ve given guarantees to resorts which mean we need to sell them at any cost. And we don’t have a set of corporate paymasters we need to keep happy. We can be flexible and will focus on the best destinations for our customers. We will go wherever you’d like us to and at the quality you’d expect.

A total service for UK customers

As Firefly Holidays is independently UK owned and managed, we can focus 100% on providing the product and customer service to meet the needs and expectations of UK customers.
We’re not a faceless internet start-up or a large call centre with targets to meet. We’re experts and enthusiasts who take these holidays ourselves, so we know you’ll love them. Our team are here to provide truly personal customer service – to help find the best possible holiday experience to suit you and to ensure everything goes smoothly while you’re away.

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Firefly Holidays Company Details

Firefly Holidays is a trading name of Firefly Holidays (UK) Ltd, a specialist UK travel and holiday operator based in Oxfordshire, UK.

Registered Address: 8 Parklands, Besselsleigh, Oxfordshire

email enquiries: enquiries@fireflyholidays.co.uk

Registered company in England and Wales number: 9636996

UK VAT Registration number: 227 8780 72

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